Discourses of Collective Identity

in Central and Eastern Europe (1770 - 1945)


texts and commentaries

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Vol. II:
National Romanticism - the Formation of National Movements

The editors:
Balazs Trencsenyi is Assistant Professor of History at the Central European University, Budapest.
Michal Kopeček is Research Fellow at the Institute of Contemporary History, Prague.

67 texts, including hymns, manifestos, articles or extracts from lengthy studies examplify the relation between Romanticism and the national movements in the cultural space ranging from Poland to the Ottoman Empire. The Romantic discourse provided a key for a growing number of activists to 're-imagine' their national community, reaching beyond the traditional frameworks of identification (such as the 'political nation', regional patriotism, or Christian universalism). The collection focuses on the interplay of Romantic culture discourses and the shaping of national ideology throughout the 19th century, tracing the patterns of cultural transfer with Western Europe as well as the mimetic competition of national ideologies within the region.

Introduction by: Miroslav Hroch; Chapter I: Hsitoricizing the Nation: Images of the Past, Continuity into the Present; Chapter II: Spirit of the Nation: Customs, Language, Religion; Chapter III: The Nationalization of Space; Chapter IV: The Nation and its Neighbors in Europe: Regional Perspectives; Chapter V: National Heroism: Revolution and Counter-Revolution.

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