Discourses of Collective Identity

in Central and Eastern Europe (1770 - 1945)


texts and commentaries

Vol. I Vol. II Vol. III Vol. IV
Vol. I:
Late Enlightenment - Emergence of the Modern 'National Idea'

The editors:
Balazs Trencsenyi is Assistant Professor of History at the Central European University, Budapest.
Michal Kopeček is Research Fellow at the Institute of Contemporary History, Prague.

This book contains 44 texts from national cultures that now occupy over a dozen modern European states from Albania to Poland. The present volume is covering the Enlightenment period of these cultures, ranging roughly from late-18th to mid-19th century. It proves that the shades of nineteenth-century nationalism in East Central Europe can be traced back to what was, apparently, unprejudiced quest to unite the talents and commitments of men as reasonable and sociable beings in the service of improvement.

General Introduction: Inter-texts of identity, Introduction by Laszlo Kontler and Paschalis Kitromilides; Chapter I: The Transformation of Symbolic Geography; Chapter II: Cultural and Historiographical Narratives of Identity; Chapter III: Creating an Enlightened National Public; Chapter IV: Reform and Revolution: Formatting the Enlightened Polity.

363 p.
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